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 Inflation adjusted home price averages confirm that we are NOT in a bubble!  Yay!



Incredible breaking news!  Finally some relief to the 5 million student loan borrowers that have been making payments with the Income Based Repayment method.  Normally the lender is looking at what your future payment will be that was kicking off debt to income ratios off the charts!  Now, changes to take effect on July 27, 2017 will help by qualifying you for your new home with the low payment you are making today...what a relief.  This will put you into a home sooner and help you get into a home that is affordable and adorable. 



Be safe when wiring your funds to the title company.  We will help in reminding you but there are some tricky people our there waiting for your hard earned down payment.




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April's numbers show a decline in sales due to low inventory.  Does anyone else think this sounds like a broken record?  What will facilitate the change we need? 


Sales are are highest in 10 years over all, up 6.8% gain in home prices.  Nothing is stopping this train, just yet. 





Market News right from the Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors.


January 2017, things are picking up the pace.  Inventory is still at an all-time-low; 20 consecutive months of declined inventory.  Rates have risen but home ownership desires are still there. Do you know of anyone wanting to make a move soon? Let's talk about your goals for 2017. 



December 2016, year end looked like a slight down-turn based on inventory numbers, nationwide, being their lowest since 1999. 



November was a result of an election that everyone was awaiting the results.  Sales are still growing but at somewhat a slower pace.




October gives rise to home sales, listings are still scarce, mortgage rates remain low even with a slight increase.  Job growth in Colorado should pull us through the 3% decrease that he speaks of in the video.  Contact us with your questions or comments here.  Thanks for watching.

 2016 Data, Rates may rise but sales are strong and job growth trumps fears.


Today's report of September 2016 Data:




Today's report on August 2016 Data:


July 2016 Data:

The market has continued to slow as the inventory levels are historically low.  Your home prices are still increasing and interest rates are remaining at the most affordable in history.  Questions about how you can obtain financing with little to no money down?  Ask us!






 A temporary slowing with buyers in the market means, if you are ready, your offer might be accepted!


The sales are still moving like a steam engine...can it last? Do you have a home to sell?












People are wanting homes to buy, inventory is still low, maybe things will change in the Fall?




Home of the day!



What is happening in your county?


Listings are still at an all-time low!                                                                                                             


Boulder vs Boulder County:


Denver vs Denver County:

Wow! A 47% decline in listings in Denver - are you thinking of selling your home?